William Thomas Berger lived Villa Talbot Cannes, France, after 2nd marriage with Jenny Grenier. Mr. Berger wrote as follows:

VILLA TALBOT, Cannes, April 23, 1889.

Who can estimate the issue of a singlegrain of wheat falling into the ground and dying? Many liveswill surely spring up therefrom and in consequence thereof. Ithas pleased God to take to Himself His faithful servant, GeorgeStott, late of Wenchow, China, than whom it would be difficult to find one more devoted and steadfast in prosecuting the work he believed the Lord had given him to do.


Villa Talbot at the time of W.Th. Berger  
and after being remodelled (1951)

We committed hisremains to the tomb yesterday afternoon, to await the voice ofthe Son of God calling those who shall hear it (His sleepingsaints) to come forth from their graves, that they with thechanged living ones may together ascend to meet and be with theLord for ever."We have reason to believe that Mr. Stott's twenty three years'labour in China has been greatly owned and blessed, he havingleft in existence in Wenchow and its neighbourhood (where, if Imistake not, no foreign missionary had previously laboured)three native churches, numbering in all about three hundredmembers besides as many attendants, to say nothing of theschools he inaugurated.



 You will pardon my entering thus intodetails, when I tell you that I made Mr. Stott's acquaintanceprior to his going to China in the year 1865, he being one ofthe five who went out when the China Inland Mission was but inits incipient state. His works do follow him. In thus writing,we do not glory in George Stott, but in the Lord, who wroughtthe works by His servant,"Of his devoted wife I must abstain from writing, but ask thatmuch prayer may ascend to God on her behalf. Her heart seems seton returning to China to carry on the work she left as far as itmay be in her power to do so. After twenty-three years'correspondence with Mr. and Mrs. Stott, I look back with themost pleasing remembrance of the same, and rejoice if in anymeasure I can be considered as having had partnership in theirlabours."I remain, dear Mr. Broomhall,"Faithfully yours,


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Missionary work in China

Note sur la Villa Talbot de Cannes
Maison construite vers 1870. Le duc de Monpensier y réside dans l'hiver 1871-1872.
La maison a été rhabillée sans modification de sa distribution à la fin du 19e siècle,
peut-être pour son propriétaire d'alors, le prince de Tcherbattoff.
En 1951 les architectes cannois Louis Lafond et Eugène Lizero
la divisent en appartements.