In order to receive any of our services, you must first agree to the following terms:

1.   GraphicsFair may supply to you (hereafter referred to as Customer) various items including graphics, animations and web pages (hereafter referred to as Products) as described elsewhere on this website.

2.   Requests for Products should be e-mailed to GraphicsFair via the Request Form which may be accessed from any page on this website.

3.   GraphicsFair will reply to the Customer as to whether or not the request is acceptable. If the request is deemed acceptable, GraphicsFair will provide a Product Quotation which will re-state what will be done and state the approximate delivery date.

4.   At this time it is GraphicsFair's intention to provide Products free of charge. Should this policy change, this document will be revised and future Product Quotations will include a price quotation for the Customer's consideration.

5.   So long as GraphicsFair's services remain free of charge, GraphicsFair does not accept any responsibility for the quality or performance of its Products nor does GraphicsFair make any form of guarantee concerning the timely delivery of its Products.

6.   GraphicsFair may discontinue its free services at any time and without any obligation to its Customers.

In consideration of receiving GraphicsFair's free services, the Customer must agree to meet the following obligations:

1.   The Customer must complete all data fields of the Request Form with current and accurate information.

2.   So long as the product was provided free of charge, the Product remains the sole property of GraphicsFair and the Customer must use the Product on only the website specified by the Customer in the Request Form. Third parties who would like to use the Product should be directed by the Customer to GraphicsFair.

3.   The website displaying the Product must contain a credit listing GraphicsFair as the creator of the Product. The credit must contain a link to the GraphicsFair website.

GraphicsFair will not disclose to third parties any information provided by the customer including but not limited to the information contained in the Request Form completed by the Customer, and information provided through other sources including Internet and mail.

1.   The Customer must not place any GraphicsFair products on websites containing content which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.

2.   At its sole discretion, GraphicsFair may deem a website to be objectionable and may both refuse to provide services for the website and request that Products previously provided for the website be removed.

3.   The Customer is entirely responsible for all website content including Products created by GraphicsFair.

4.   All materials provided to GraphicsFair must be owned by the Customer.

Please e-mail us with your comments and questions regarding this site. 
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