GIF and Flash Animations

GIF Animation (87KB)

We provide three types of animations:

GIF Animations
A series of bitmap images displayed one after the other to produce the illusion of movement. A greater number of images has the advantage of producing a smoother movement, but the disadvantage of a longer load time. Also note that scaling GIF animations will cause a loss in quality so they should be created at the correct size.

FLASH Animations: A collection of mathematical equations which give the browser the instructions necessary to create an image. These images are much faster to load than GIF animations and they may be scaled to any size without affecting quality. They also begin to function before loading has been completed. FLASH animations require a browser with a FLASH plug-in.

FLASH+GIF Animations: Flash animations containing GIF bitmaps moved by FLASH equations. These animations offer the advantages of FLASH animations except that they can not be scaled without losing quality and they take longer to load.

These three techniques can be used to produce animated banners and slide shows. Animated banners contain moving text and graphic images. They are often used as links that you click on to visit other pages or other websites. Slide shows present a sequence of images with a set amount of time which each image is displayed before the image changes.

Bouebe playing Piano at Dan's Virtual Gallery

FLASH+GIF Animation (31KB)
(GIF = Stars cluster in the center)

Flash Animation (93KB)

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Please e-mail us with your comments and questions regarding this site. 
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